It is the end of the year which means us year 7’s are Graduating. I am very excited but nurvous. I have bout a really nice dress and shoes I am also going to the hair dressers to get my hair professioally done.

I will do a post after the graduation:)

New Zealand Visitors

Last Tuesday, 1st of November 24 kids came from New Zealand , South Hornby School. They came for the choir and our school has a choir as well. New Zealand and Adelaide share visits. Some people have billits and some dont. I dont have one.

IB Projects

This Term our year 6/7 students do a whole term project that we choose to do. Last year I did a cookbook and this year I have made a scrapbook of my life. I chose to do a scrapbook because I thought that because I was in the last year of primary school I should look back at what my life has consisted of . I learnt lots of new things about myself that I didnt already know. I found this projects really fun and enjoyable.


Pedal Prix

This weekend th 17th/18th( Saturday  and Sunday) Most of our Year 7’s are going to Murrary Bridge to do a 24 hour race for Pedal Prix. I really enjoy Pedal Prix because it is good excersise and it is really fun. I didnt do it last year because I thought I would be borng but now i know that it is really fun. I will update this post next week to tell you how it went. This is what a Pedal Prix bike looks like:

Taiko Drumming

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday , the 23/8/11 our school had a visit from two women. They are professional Taiko Drummers one is named Katie and the other was Nicole. It cost $2.50 for an hour and your parent could come as well if they were interested. All of the kids that play drums at our school got to have a go on the Taiko drums. I will uploed some pictures as soon as I get them!


40 Hour Famine

This year our school is participating in the 40 hour fmaine. Every year each class chooses a topic to give up for a whole day or 40 hours if you want. Last year our class chose NO talking and it worked really well so this year we chose to do it again. Nina our school chaplin always organises it and gathers the money that we raise to help feed children in other countries. Last year our school raised enought money to feed 40 children for a whole year. I am going to do the whole 40 hours but somepeople are only doing it for the school day. We hope that we raise around $4000 because last year we raised about $3500. For more information visit the 40 hour famine site


El Shadaii 2011

Day 1
On Wednesday 6th July,The year 5/6/7’s left to go to camp. We went to a place called El Shaddai. El Shaddai is in Wellington. Everyone got to school at normal time and  we went to our classrooms. When we got to school we put  our bags under the shelter. We gathered in our classrooms and our teachers spoke to us about when we will be leaving and  to make sure we had everything.  Mr. Mac’s and Mr. Berry’s class  all came into our classroom untill we had to leave.Finally we got onto the bus. On the way there we watched the movie Tangled . When we got to El Shadaii we had to unload the buses . We then met one of the staff members called Daniel and he took us on a tour of the campsite .

After that we had had to find our bags and put them into our dorm, grab our recess and come out. We all then met in the gym.  Inside was a basketball court. We had ate our recess and played around and had free time for about an hour. Mr . Berry ,Pam and Mr. Mac then told us which activity groups we were in and what activities we were going to do for that day.  Before our first activity we sorted out our sleeping arrangements. I was on the top bunk and Hayley was on the bottom. In our dorm we had:

  • Me
  • Hayley
  • Louise
  • Rachael
  • Trevy

We then got our lunch and went back inside the hall. We found out our activity groups ready for the first activity. We did 2 activities on the first day. I was in group 4 and first up I did rockclimbing. I found rock climbing very challenging. We then did our 2nd activity mine was Initiatives that was about team work.After the 2d activite we had free time before dinner. For dinner we had Pasta bake , carrots and beans.Desert  was chocolate or strawberry moose ( it was REALLY yummy). After dinner a magician come and perform to us. He was  really funny.When the magician had finished we went back to our dorms and got ready for bed. Lights out was at 10:30.

Day 2

I woke up at about 7:00am . Breakfast was at 8:00am . For breakfast there was a choice of all different cereals and the toast with any topping you like. I had toast with vegemite on top. My first activitie for the day was canoeing . It took about 10 minutes to walk down to the river and when we got there we chose a partner to share a boat with and I went with Amelia we then got tort how to paddle but I already  knew but I still listened. Amelia was at the back of the boat and I was at the front. We crashed into a mud plant thing so we got covered in mud which was DISGUSTING!

We then had morning tea which was chocolate chip muffins. Then we met up for our 2nd activity for the day mine was Games. Games was really fun because all of the games that we played I had never heard of. After that it was lunch time. We had a wrap with 2 chicken strips in them. They were really yummy. We sat down and ate. After lunch I went into the gym for a bit and met up with my friends. I then went for a walk around the campsite and next to the hall there was a giant flying fox that people were now allowed on.

My next activity was Vertical Challenge. That was really fun because one team mate was tied up and the rest of the team mates were building a tower of crate and you had to keep building them until the team mate climbing to tower of crates touches the roof. Everyone in our team touched to roof.

During afternoon tea, I went on the Tarzan Swing. It is a swing that you go on and there are 5 steps. You choose which one to jump off. You bring the swing up with you and you jump on it and swing. When you’re in mid-air you had to jump off and Mr. Mac set up a competition of who could get the furthest jump.

My last activity for the day was Archery. We went out to the targets on the oval. We learnt how to hold the bow and put the arrows in and shoot them at the target.. We got split into 2 groups and we would alternate shooting. We each had 4 arrows.. We had competitions of which group could shoot the most arrows on the target. I got 3 on the target and out team WON!!!!

Dinner was meatloaf with carrots, peas and mashed potato. I thought it was really nice. For dessert they had jelly with ice-cream on the top. After dinner we found out that we were going on a night walk. We got told to get some warm clothes on. When we were all ready we set off. It had felt like we had been walking for 5 hours but I think it was only 2!

When we got back  supper was there which was chocolate cake. After supper they explained that we were having a movie night. There were 3 choices:


Step up 3

Race toWitchMountain

Everyone put their hand up for Step up 3 so we watched that. At10.15pmwe had to stop the movie because it was almost lights out.

Day 3

When I woke up I got ready. I was still in the same activity group but we got  group 3 added to our group. We went to breakfast and I had toast with jam. After breakfast we got told to gather all of our belongings together and put everything back in our bags and take it out under the shelters so our bags can be packed into the bus.

We then went to our first activity and mine was reptiles. The instructor brought out lizards, a frog and a snake we could hold the blue tongue lizard and the sleepy lizard if we wanted to and I did. My second activity was Screen Printing. We printed a picture on a bag. While we were waiting to do the screen printing there were 2 games to do. It was my turn to do the Screen Printing I chose a bag and put a piece of newspaper inside it and put it on the end of the ironing board. The instructor put the Screen printing board on my bag and used a long brush to spread the ink onto our bag. We then got a hairdryer and dried it for 1-2 minutes. There were some cup stacking activities and there was a timing system that came with it. You would put your hands on the hand parts of the long timer and then you would UN stack cups. To know how well you do there was a timer my best was 90 seconds. My next activity was Treasure Quest .We chose a group of three, in our group there was Me, Amelia and Callum it was a treasure hunt to find a box with a 3 lollypops. Our team won! The last activity was Earth ball . I was a giant  ball that we played games with.

After we had finished all of the activities, we went to get lunch. Lunch was hamburgers with salad. After lunch it was the dorm clean-up. We had to get all the pillow covers off and put them in the laundry. We had to sweep the floor and make sure everything was spotless. After that, we back went outside to have a group photo. We then went on the bus ready to leave. On the way back on the bus, we finished watching Tangled and then when that finished Fantastic Four came on lots of people didn’t watch it thought. We got back to school and emptied the bus. I then went to find my Mum and we went home. I think that this was a really fun camp and really enjoyable one!

El Shadaii 2011 on PhotoPeach

Year 6/7 Production

The year 6/7 production is nearly here. It is nearly exactly a week untill we perform during the day to the year 3/4 and 5’s and then at night it is our parents and friends. I am a Fairy Godmother and here is the list of all of the characters-:

Fairy Godmother: Livvy (ME)

Cinders: Erin G

Buttons: Seb

Cruel step sisters: Emily and Rachael

Narators: Millie and Trevy

Prince charming: Ryan

King: Connor

Queen: Erin H

Lord Gripington: Nick

Granny: Charlotte M

Dandini: Aaron

Announcer: Alex

 ladies in waiting : Amelia , Hayley and  Chelsea

Princes bodyguards: Jackson, Hamish and Charlotte T.

Shifter: Wylan

Shifters assistants: Jasmine, Hannah P and Kellie

Paper sellers: Tori and Zoe

Wishy and Washy Chinese laundry women : Victoria and Sira



Jump Rope for Heart

This year our school is participating in Jump rope for heart .

Here is some information about it :-

Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart is one of Australia’s most popular physical activity and fundraising programs in schools.

Since the start of Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart over 25 years ago, more than 90 per cent of all Australian schools, involving 8 million school children have participated in this fun and active program. We’ve given schools enough rope to stretch from Sydney to Perth!

Each year Heart Foundation Jump Rope attracts over 400,000 students, in over 2,300 schools with over 700,000 sponsors comprising of families, friends and members of local school communities.

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